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Welcome to Titchy's Dreams

Specialising in luxury accommodation within the Second Life Grid

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Started in 2007 we have continued to provide quality support for those wishing to get started and explore Second Life. We take great pride in having a majority of long term tenants, which in turn helps us improve our services to a wider variety of demands and lifestyles.

Our goal is letting everybody share in our success and NOT simply making a profit. A combination of realistic pricing and excellent customer service means that while some of Titchy's Dreams competitors have come and gone Titchy's Dreams is still very much alive and kicking, we still believe in the personal touch and we try to give you that in our service to you.

If you are looking for luxury accommodation that is as unique as you are and at cheap price then come and visit us today....

Don't be virtually homeless, join our little community right now and enjoy your lag-free place to stay.
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